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Reiki and Ka

I've been reading Jeremy Naydler's Temple of the Cosmos lately, and it seems to alternate between sections which are simply dripping with personal agenda, and sections which seem to be reliable and interesting information.

Right now I'm in one of the interesting sections^_^, where Naydler is explaining the member-based mode of consciousness (i.e. that the AE believed that emotions and methods of thought and action were centered in different parts of the anatomy, and it was those individual parts of the anatomy which had consciousness rather than the body as a whole- which was viewed basically as a temporarily animated corpse), and the difference between the ka and the ba. Basically, he described the ba as a unified concept of these centers of consciousness which was only attained after death, or possibly in other "out of body" experiences. The ka, alternatively, was an energy which enhanced the member-based mode of consciousness since the ka itself is a vitalizing energy which gave life to each of the limbs (please bear with me- I promise I'm building up toward something related to healing^_~). Furthermore, he says that in earlier times the ka was not so much an individualized "body" as a collective force, directed toward the living by the akhw, which is why it was so important that offerings to the akhw be continued- so that the blessed dead would be happy, and direct this universal life force energy toward their descendants. In later times the ka became more personalized, but even then- for the more common folk- it was frequently depicted as two upraised arms on a standard, rather than the full "double" which was much more individual and typically reserved for the more elite.

I am normally very hesitant to attempt assimilation between supposedly similar elements of different cultures. But when he said "universal life force energy," and described it as a communal force which could be directed toward the members of the body, my ears pricked up and I thought, "That sounds just like how my instructors describe Reiki!" And likewise, the Reiki energy is a "universal life force energy" which is directed towards the limbs in order to revitalize them. I started wondering how the practice of Reiki could be expanded if we were to chart out the ancient Egyptian member-based centers of consciousness and directing Reiki energy as ka energy to those centers- would it work? Could those centers be cleansed and/or recharged with this energy in a way which would correspond to the member-based consciousness rather than the usual chakra system? I have begun visualizing/feeling the Reiki energy I channel toward myself in my nightly practice sessions as my own ka energy, as an experiment. I thought I was coming up with an entirely new way of using Reiki when I remembered the Sekhem/Seichim style of Reiki.^_^ You'd think I'd know more about Sekhem since I am Kemetic, and I have been practicing Reiki (on a basic level) for several years. Unfortunately, I don't know nearly as much as I'd like to- my instructors have both been Usui Reiki-do, and so of course I have been as well.

I have a couple of questions for those more experienced with Sekhem/Seichim than I:

First, does any of the above sound familiar, or is this something which has not yet been tried within the Reiki system?

Second, how different is Sekhem from Reiki? Do I need a separate initiation to access Sekhem?

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