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Dittany of Crete

I have a quick question. I recently purchased a nice little bag of Dittany of Crete also known as Origanum dictamnus. I've been doing some on-line research of it and I've found some very interesting things about it. Such as:

-it can be used for childbirth.
-gastric/stomach pain
-and even helps to ease animal bite wounds.
-is used to aide in astral traveling and in the manifestation of spirits.

Originally, we purchased it for "astral travel" usage. I did read online that it is "typically safe to ingest" but I was also wondering if anyone knew, can this be smoked? I'd like to use it when meditating and was just curious if that was possible. (to smoke it) If not, well, I can still brew teas with it, I believe. I suppose any info on HOW this herb can be ingested, made into incense, smoked, ground, whatever. . .would be useful! Thank you! :)

Ankh Udja Seneb
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