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sekhem_healing's Journal

Sekhem Healer's Community
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Sekhem is about Power, more specifically, healing power. The Sekhem Healer's / Healing Community inculdes healing in all of its aspects. Whether this is the discussion of ancient medicine in both an historical sense or all of the various modalities of healing that are still today being used under the heading of "alternative medicine", it is relevant for the Sekhem Healing Community. Many of these healing modalities and techniques include herbalism, naturopathy, holistic healing, Ayurveda, accupuncture, yoga, massage energy and body work such as Reikii and of course, Sekhem. We will also explore the traditional medicine of both the Chinese, the American Indian Nations and other indigenous cultures from around the world and the modern breakthroughs that make the healing arts so fascinating!

Note: Sekhem Healer's Community seeks to be a mutually respectful community where differences of opinion may arise, but polite communication is always the norm. Any flaming within the group will not be tolerated, and violations of the community's no-flaming policy, will result in removal and banning from the Sekhem Healer's community. The Sekhem_Healing Community Owner reserves the right to remove and/or ban any user that they see fit Being a member of sekhem_healing is not a right and membership is at the discretion of the Community Owner and its Membership. Most people don't need to worry about this, but it needed to be said.

"Sekhmet / Sekhem" original painting by Asetreshetef copyright 1998-2007 and is the sole property of the owner.