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Judge Strikes Down FDA Ban on Ephedra

From the IAHF email list, for immediate release.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Food and Drug Administration failed to prove certain "low dose" ephedra supplements are unsafe, a U.S. court said in a ruling announced on Thursday that could allow some types of the controversial weight loss pill back on the market.

The agency's decision to ban all ephedra dietary supplements -- regardless of dose -- until manufacturers could demonstrate a benefit "is contrary to the clear intent of Congress," the court said in its decision issued on Wednesday.

Nutraceutical International Corp., a leading supplier of dietary supplements, which filed the suit challenging the agency's ban, posted the ruling on its Web site on Thursday.

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While it DOES make me happy that the ban is lifted. It does not make me happy that an herb that was never intended as a weight loss agent is being unbanned because of that very use (read that as abuse). Most weight loss formulas with this herb, which is par excellence for asthma, are essentially badly formulated. This herb, in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) usually avails itself of other herbs, such as Licorice Root in the formulas to help balance out the herb's effects. Unfortunately, most nutriceutical companies don't have two clues about TCM, and so it keeps getting misused.
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