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Skhmt and Healing

I have a question for the healers here- how do you commune with Skhmt through your healing? I know it sounds like a pretty basic and open-ended question, but lately I asked myself this question and I've found that I'm not, really, doing much of anything to incorporate Skhmt in my healing as I do it. I can reflect back on my day and say, "Was Skhmt really there?" But I'm feeling dissatisfied with this sort of "heal now, ask questions later" sort of approach, and now I have found that of all the ntjrw with Whom I work, I have the most trouble establishing a reliable connection with Skhmt these days. It's pretty ironic, since the three major ntjrw with Whom I work incorporate the three major aspects of my life, and my career in the medical field is a very large chunk of my life! I'm certain that I used to be doing a better job than this.^_^'

For those of you who have full-time jobs in the field, how do you keep Her presence in mind throughout the day? It's so easy to become absorbed in the cases that come and go, and the medicines to be given or treatments to be performed... when I got back into this field I thought that it would help me to establish a deeper bond with my Mother, and at first it did.^_^ But over time, the practice has gotten busier and busier- we've helped a lot of patients, and that's a good thing, but lately I've started feeling a little overwhelmed. I need to reconnect with the spiritual side of the work, but it's hard to reflect on these sorts of things when there's barely enough time to plan how you're going to get things done in time for everybody to go home when they're supposed to go.

I'm hoping that by looking back into the heart of the matter during my off time, I'll be able to draw upon those connections when I go back in. So if you have any meditations, stories about times that went well, tricks that you use throughout the day, or anything else, I'd be grateful to hear of them.
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