Valkyrie with a Sword (sekhmetmeset) wrote in sekhem_healing,
Valkyrie with a Sword

Another Question

Well, I have yet another question and you guys are probably going to hate me for asking SO much stuff all the time.

Rich has asked me to inquire about chest colds. As our money is limited and we DON'T have insurance right now, seeing a doctor is impossible. I suppose if it got to the point of REALLY severe, we could go to the county hospital, but anyway. . .

Are there any herbs or medicinal things that could help soothe his pain? He says he's coughing up *junk*, lots of coughing and just not breathing right. (He's not suffocating, but just, you know, when you get a cold, it's hard to breathe)

We dont know if it's just a regular little cold, a chest cold, or what. . .

Any medicinal advice? Or is this something we should take to the ER? I just didn't know what to do. I apologize if it's a bother.

Hugs and love to all of you!

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