The Lioness' Daughter (niankhsekhmet) wrote in sekhem_healing,
The Lioness' Daughter

A Controversial Quote

"It is not enough to assert or even project energy; one has to direct it, modulate it and even free it from the traps of language. The word "energy" is one of the greatest hinderances to the actual practice of energy medicine. To bypass both the medical and academic authorities and to pretend to resolve our new global crisis by making its redemption spiritual , "hollistic" - or both - is a naive overvaluation of our ability redefine and thereby alter our condition." Richard Grossinger, "Planet Medicine"

So what do you all think of this? He has some interesting points. Energy is real, but does it make our brand of healing better because we do involve religion and/or spiritual practices to our healing? How do we resolve mind, body and spirit and still not lose our professionalism?
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